Museums and Art Galleries

The Fort São Sebastião was built in 1575 and is a really beautiful example of 16th century well preserved Portuguese colonial fort.

Artfacts and National Museum

Located in the Sao Tomé harbour, the old São Sebastião fortress is now used as a museum. Visitors to the museum have the opportunity to admire a religious art collection and artefacts from the colonial period. The remarkable items include the remains of one of the cocoa kings kept in a box under his painting. The roof of the museum offers visitors a magnificent view of the oceans and the lighthouses that are still being operated.

 Art Galleries

In addition to the traditional crafts of the island (including intricately carved wooden boxes, masks, and seed and shell jewellery) there is a budding arts scene drawing international attention revolving around the Teia D’Arte gallery, which has held several Biennials and holds arts workshops for the local population. Famed São Tomé artist (and gourmet chef/TV host) João Carlos Silva heads up the gallery; his work can be seen at the Plantation Roça São João.

  • The Biennial of Art and Culture of Sao Tome and Principe

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