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The town of Sao Tome is picturesque, with colonial Portuguese architecture. Several cathedrals dot a mostly two-story-high skyline of pastel-colored colonial-era buildings with arched windows and ornate balconies. more info Principe Island and Sto António town. Príncipe Island, with an area of 139 km2, lies 146 km north of São Tomé Island. The north of the island is flatter and contains the majority of the human population. more info  
Obo Park, a paradise for people looking for unspoiled nature. The island's have recently designated protected areas to be known as the Obo National Park, with include primary rainforests filled with exotic birds and lush vegetation. more info Fantastic beachs, the best of the region. If you like to have a beach for your self, this is the right place for you. We are known to have the best beach of the region. more info
Colonial "Roças" and Plantation houses. The country fascinating history dominated by the slave trade and plantations has left several historical landmarks. Came dicover the different plantation houses and "Roças" that was used during the colonial past. more info Sao Tome and Principe have a  vibrant and fascinating culture. Some of the greatest testimonies of Portuguese acculturation are the “Sao Lourenço” and “Tchiloli”, both part of the cycle of stories of Charlemagne brought in the sixteenth century by the Portuguese immigrants settled in Sao Tome and Principe to work on the sugar cane plantation. more info
Birding. Sao Tome is not only a pleasant place for tourist, but also for a lot of birds. Specialists have sighted over 143 species in 40 families on the islands.  more info A true paradise for scuba diving and underwater fishing. The warm and clear waters are filled with fish and other interesting creatures like muraenas, octopuses, and green sea turtles. more info

Big Fishing Game. The waters around the islands are filled with fish of different kind. Here you can get your chance to catch a 1000 pound marlin or a really aggressive sailfish. more info

Whale watching. We are in an ecosystem with unique characteristics.With the presence of majestic whales and friendly dolphins, the blue from the Atlantic Ocean becomes even more magic and blessed around the two islands and islets. more info
Jalé Ecolodge and Sea Turtles. Sea turtles have been coming to the beaches of Sao Tome and Principe for milions of years and the islands have the most diverse range of sea turtles in central africa. more info World Class Accommodation. Sao Tome and Principe Island's offers a wide variety of hotels, from family run guest house to 5-star world-class resorts operated by the best European chains. more info
 Friendly people. People are genuinely friendly to strangers. From a tourist perspective this is clearly one of the few places in the world where he can meet - and become a real friend - with the locals. more info.  
 Yachting nore info    Rolas Island more info

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