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November, 2010

"Ilha do Príncipe - Island of Principe"by Sílvia Pouseiro, INFLIGHT MAGAZINE

"Aves endémicas - Endemic Birds", by Silvia Pouseiro, INFLIGHT MAGAZINE

"Cláudio Corallo" by Antonieta Lúcio, INFLIGHT MAGAZINE

September, 2010

"São Tomé and Príncipe: Islands in a Strategic Sun" (PDF), by Peninsula Press, FOREIGN POLICY

August, 2010

"Tchiloli of S.Tomé or Charlemagne in Africa", by Angela Barros, AUSTRAL/BUALA

May, 2010

"A pesca do voador panhã em São Tomé e Príncipe" (VIDEO), by TelaNon, VIMEO
"São Tomé alone" by Richard Heller, LONDON EVENING STANDARD

January, 2010

"São Tomé tropical island paradise", by Erik Hagen, AFROLNEWS

"Tchiloli - São Tomé e Príncipe e a tradição do teatro" (VIDEO), Carlos Alberto Jr, TVBRASIL

"As Roças de cacau de São Tomé e Príncipe" (VIDEO), Carlos Albert Jr, TVBRASIL
"São Tomé e Principe - O Arquipelago dos quatro continentes" ("Sao Tomé et Príncipe - l'archipel des quatre continents", PDF), by ASSOCIATION PORTULAN

"São Tomé e Príncipe - Arquipelago dos Sonhos - Sao Tome and Principe Dream archipelago" INFLIGHT MAGAZINE

December, 2009

"A pesca artesanal em São Tomé e Príncipe" (VIDEO), by Carlos Alberto Jr, TVBRASIL

May, 2009

"A tragédia de Carlos Magno em S. Tomé e Príncipe" (Fotoshow), by Sergio C. Andra, PUBLICO

March, 2009

"Path to prosperity", (PDF) AFRICAINVESTOR

January, 2009

"The chocolate king of São Tomé", by Xan Rice, NEWSTATEMAN
"The Business of Food - Cocoa Comes Back (Sao Tome)" (VIDEO), by Kristin Sellefyan, CULTURE UNPLUGGED

December, 2008

"Cetaceans occurrence in S. Tomé and Príncipe, Gulf of Guinea: From whaling to whale watching", by Cristina Picanço, Inês Carvalho and Cristina Brito, PROJECTO DELFIM/OBOPARK.COM

October, 2008

"São Tomé & Príncipe - Inseln der illusionen", by Von Andreas Lesti, DER SPIEGEL ONLINE

"Viagem São Tomé e Príncipe" VANTAGEM BANIF

May, 2008

"São Tomé nas rotas estivais" (PDF), by Paulo Brehm, REVISTA APAVT

July, 2008

"São Tomé & Príncipe: Inseln der Illusionen", (PDFFotoshow) by Von Andreas Lesti, GEO SAISON

April, 2008

"Grande Angular: São Tomé e Príncipe" (PDF) by Peter Wirtz, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC

February, 2008

"Des Königs Kakao", (PDF) by Von Rohr and Mathieu von, DER SPIEGEL

January, 2008

"An ease island peace", by Alex Perry, TIME


November, 2007

"Ein vergessenes Paradies am Äquator" (PDF), by Jakob Baechtold, DER LANDBOTE

October, 2007

"Sao Tomé, cent pour cent cacao" (VIDEO), DAILYMOTION

June, 2007

"Ecotourism Eden: Tiny island nation seeks a place in Africa’s growing boom" (PDF), by Barry Hatton, TULSA WORLD

"Tiny Island Nation Seeks Tourists", by Willy Volk, GADLING
"Sao Tome-Principe a timeless trek", by Barry Hatton, JORNAL SENTINEL

May, 2007

"Tiny island nation could be big player in Africa ecotourism", by Barry Hatton, THE SEATTLE TIMES

March, 2007

"Sleepwalking in Sao Tome", by Alex Perry, TIME

September, 2006

"São Tomé ao sabor do vento" (PDF), by Ana Cristina Perreira, PUBLICO

January, 2006

"São Tomé e Príncipe – África light… Leve-Leve!", by Anabela Mourato, AMBITUR

June, 2004

"Slave island ignites chocolate passion", by Kristan Deconinck, BBCNEWS

August, 2003

"Principe - Island of Paradise", GLOBO SAPIENS

January, 2003

"Sobre a linha do equador", by Cristina Pereira, ROTAS & DESTINO

August, 2002

"Do you know the way to Sao Tome?", by Jullian Glover, THE GUARDIAN

April, 2002

"São Tomé: a treasure island", by Mark Stratton, WANDERLUST

"Isole Di Cioccolato", by Luca Sonnino Sorisio, NAUTICA.IT

January, 2001

"São Tomé: Das vergessene Paradies" (PDF), by Sabine Fricke, Sven Gummich and Jean Putz, HOBBY TIP

March, 2000

"Expressions culturelles à São Tomé", by Maria Nazaré Dias de Ceita, AFRICULTURES

January, 1999

"One month in the Forest of Príncipe", by Jonathan Baillie, GULF OF GUINEA CONSERVATION GROUP

January, 1997

"Floripes Negra: Mouros e Cruzados", CENA ABERTA


September, 1992

"Bom Bom, An angling paradise await for you" (PDF), by Alison Piarce, SKI-BOAT

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